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To what extent is the Rhode Island mainstream media in the pocket of leftists politicians? Read this exchange and decide for yourself:

Tara Granahan of WPRO recently engaged in a Twitter discussion with Lisa Camuso, the nursing home whistleblower who will likely lose the job she loved because she valued the lives of her coworkers and patients over money. Tara Granahan illustrated perfectly the extent in which many in the media throughout Rhode Island and across the nation will go to protect the politicians they adore and value over nearly everything; even the sick, elderly, and defenseless.

By all standards, Ms. Camuso offered overwhelming evidence that the executive order issued by Governor Gina Raimondo, which forced infected and contagious elderly back into nursing homes that were knowingly ill equipped to protect patients and staff from COVID-19, resulted in the deaths of hundreds of senior citizens. By some estimations, tantamount to the intentional killing of elderly citizens to support a politically motivated narrative.

The Drudge Report RI obtained clear evidence of complaints and concerns expressed by nurses and family members throughout 16 different nursing facilities over a month period. These concerns were met with complete apathy by the leftist political class in Rhode Island, and they showed little desire to provide the personal protective equipment needed, despite plenty of federal money to do so.

Of course, none of this would be an issue if infected and contagious elderly remained in hospitals as opposed to being forced back into nursing homes to infect and kill others.

A shocking revelation, yet the MSM in Rhode Island did, and continues, to brush this alarming and heartbreaking news aside.

Could it be they simply were not aware?


Earlier this week on Twitter the RIDOH whistleblower Lisa Camuso approached Tara Granahan of WPRO, which appears to be the latest of a number of attempts to contact her and request that she consider her story for publication.

Did Granahan ask for the evidence to be sent for consideration?


Did Granahan request credentials first, before considering the evidence?


Did Granahan give any indication at all that she would even consider publishing Comuso’s story?

Absolutely not.

What did Granahan do?

Ms. Granahan, like many activist journalists who value their political party over nearly everything, first deflected and then in final desperation attacked the source (Comuso) personally. This is a common tactic among mainstream media personalities who value perpetuating a narrative than reporting the facts people need to make informed decisions.

Yet these two childish deflections do not compare to Granahan’s final justification:

The most egregious part of Granahan’s response is rather ironic: The lack of reporting in the MSM. Apparently, Granahan cannot do her job because no one yet has done it for her, or, more likely, she is a reporter who only reports on what she’s been told to report.

Below is the discussion between Comuso and Granahan. Decide for yourself:

This exchange begs the question, would Granahan be so cavalier if it was her elderly family member who was lost due to the actions of the politicians she serves?

One will never know. Nevertheless, Granahan expressed the same apathy towards the death of elderly citizens as the politicians who fear to be exposed. Coincidence?

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