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Something suspicious in RI: Gomera, a Democrat, accused of painting swastikas on graves at a Catholic college, and suddenly politicians being verbally assaulted by vulgar and racist participants . . . The alt-right or something else?

It was widely reported that Keveon Gomera was arrested on Monday, June 24th on suspicion of vandalism and assault at Providence College. Gomera allegedly painted swastikas on gravestones, assaulted a security guard, and attempted to start a fire on the Providence College campus.

Upon reading the reports from the mainstream media in Rhode Island, it is typically a sign when the alleged committer of a hate crime is not branded with a political label. This typically occurs when the perpetrator’s political disposition does not fit the narrative that publications such as the Providence Journal and others do not wish to perpetuate.

Prior to publishing a link to the news of Mr. Gomera’s alleged crimes, the editors of the DrudgeReportRI investigated his background seeing such details were absent from online reports. It appeared as if the mainstream media chose to not investigate Mr. Gomera’s background, or did, but then determined such facts were not relevant in our hyper-fixated society in which everything is boiled down to identity and political affiliation throughout the establishment press.

Regardless of what one has read, Mr. Gomera is a democrat.

Below is a copy of his voter registration showing his party affiliation as Democrat (D):

Mr. Gomera also has a Twitter account that shows clear disdain for Republicans and a devout support for the democrat party:

Also, Gomera cites his two loves; politics and making people look good:

So the question must be posed; if Mr. Gomera is guilty of the crimes he’s accused, is it true that he is a antisemite and racist Democrat? Could be, it is certainly indicative of the Democrat Party’s history as well as it would help to explain the identity-fixation all leftists have today.

Or is there something more?

Viewing Mr. Gomera’s public profile, there is not much that would indicate an antisemitic and racist world view, although it certainly something one would hide. Yet one must also consider his career choice – to work with the public and to “make people look good.” Certainly an honest profession that must interact with people of many different identities, and clearly Mr. Gomera enjoyed his job.

So, what if? What if Mr. Gomera is not an antisemite or racist, but simply someone directed, or felt compelled, to perpetuate a racist message so that the appearance of a racist society becomes ever more clear?

Coincidentally, over the past few months Democrat candidates and politicians reported that all of the sudden, people are invading their conferences with vulgar and racist messages directed at them. It seems interesting that such assaults, and they are assaults, only seemed to have emerged during this election season, and during a pandemic. Very odd.

So, what if? What if it is not the alt-right, or republicans, or anyone but extreme leftists desperate to start a conflict in Rhode Island and elsewhere? Thus far, there have been no reports of riots of people wearing MAGA hats, only reports of people on the political left seemingly bent on destruction at any cost.

Consider also the circumstances of Gomera’s alleged crimes – Why Providence College?

It would seem that PC would be a perfect setting to stage a hate crime of this sort. Consider the narrative if Gomera was never caught: “Alt-right attack against minorities at a Catholic school of higher education,” or “What is happening at our private colleges and universities that is causing systemic and violent racism?”

If the events surrounding Gomera seem to fade away as opposed to being sensationalized by the establishment media, it would seem to indicate an inconvenient narrative, and a further indication that Rhode Island and the entire United States is being played like a fiddle.

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