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SHOCKING! Leaked documents to DrudgeReportRI begs the question: Did negligence at the Rhode Island Department of Health cause PPE shortages leading to the death of nursing home seniors?

Leaked emails show that complaints to the Rhode Island Department of Health regarding the lack of nursing home PPE appear to have fallen on deaf ears. The emails below are only a few of numerous communications the DrudgeReportRI has access. This subset of communications show clear frustration on the part of elder care professionals and family members over the state’s lack of effort to protect them and their patients.

What did the RI DOH do to address these serious concerns expressed by nursing home staff?

Here are only three of the emails sent to DrudgeReportRI, first complaint dated April 6, 2020, over two months ago:

WHAT IS GOING ON? According to an article published by the Providence Journal, $358 million in federal coronavirus money has yet to be spent in Rhode Island. How is this possible when it is clear from the leaked documents above complaints and requests for PPE were made numerous times?

This, coupled with reports from GoLocalProv implying excessive fees and time delays on open records requests, one must ask: Is the Rhode Island government covering something up, and what exactly are they doing to keep health care workers and our elderly population safe?

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