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How to share Drudge Re-Port Headlines on Social Media Sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

This is an illustrated, easy to use guide showing how to share the REAL news headline of a story linked from the Drudge Re-Port RI. By promoting the headlines offered by the DRRI, visitors can both promote the headline that does not lend cover to the politicians, derelicts, socialists, and criminals throughout Rhode Island that is most often sewn into the fabric of the news publicized by the Rhode Island mainstream media. This also brings awareness of the only venue online, the Drudge Re-Port RI, in which truth can be publicized without deceptive algorithms and social media filters.

So please show your support by helping to bring awareness of the DRRI as well as the true headlines the MSM in Rhode Island would prefer to bury deep into their story line in hopes no one notices them.

Here are the quick and easy to follow steps:

  1. The hardest part: Go to the DRRI Twitter account: https://twitter.com/DrudgeReportRI and find the tweet of the article you’d like to promote.

2. After clicking the tweeted link, you will see a page such as this:

3. Click on the Tweet icon to see both the article title and link:

4. Finally, easily copy both the headline and link from the pop-up window and share everywhere including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and on email! This will highlight the Drudge Re-Port headline as well as display the logo.

Thank you for your assistance in helping to bring awareness of the DRRI!

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